Tuesday, December 28, 2010


That is my term for the days following Christmas.

We were some of the lucky ones to have a white Christmas...  Actually the snow didn't start falling until just about dusk Christmas Day.  By the time it stopped snowing here in the Carolina pines, we had about eight inches.

Today is the first day since Christmas that I am going to leave the house.  I am taking my Christmas cookie filled butt to the gym...


Friday, December 10, 2010

Move Over, Santa!

His list of all the good boys and girls may be long, but I'm thinking my list of things to do to prepare for the holiday is longer!

I still do not have my Christmas tree decorated!  Since most of the kids live away and their gifts need shipped,  I should have had four huge boxes at the post office this week so we do not have to spend $1,000,000 on postage.  But I'm still shopping!

 If you have kids - big or small - on your holiday shopping list, you have to make a video of Santa talking to them from Portable North Pole.  They will love it and want to watch it over and over again.  I took time out yesterday to make a message from Santa to one of the grandsons and will make one for the other tonight.  Be prepared with pictures so Santa can put them in his book for the message...

Have you heard of "Elf on a Shelf"?  Today was the first time I've heard of him.  You can check him out here.   I'm thinking I've got two little guys that may need their own elf.

With so much to do, I doubt I will be blogging over the next fifteen (FIFTEEN!  IS THAT ALL THE TIME I HAVE LEFT????) days...


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Help Wanted

Must be able to cook, clean, bake, sew, decorate, wrap, stand in long lines at post office.

December 1 already???