Sunday, May 30, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

After clicking my heels together three times, 
I arrived in the Land of Ahh's.

I will be visiting family

And friends

Back to regular blogging when I return.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cocktail Hour!

Care to join me?

I'll be having a double Ducolax with a G2/Miralax chaser.  All on an empty stomach.

Come on in.  Make yourself at home.
You know where to find me.


Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm a Pro

Last month, I made a visit to my new ob/gyn looking for relief from the annoying symptoms of menopause and believe me, all the symptoms of menopause are annoying!  The prescription for mental fogginess, fatigue, insomnia and decreased sex drive is... EXERCISE.  You knew she was going to tell me that, didn't you?  Me too.

That was a month ago.  I put the PRO in procrastination.  But this morning I donned my floppy bush hat to protect my face from the sun and grabbed my walking stick so I would have something to fight off all the hot guys help me climb hills.  Despite the groaning muscles and joints, the walk felt good.    

Wait until you see me in my bicycle gear...


Monday, May 17, 2010

Awesome Art

At Raleigh's Artsplosure this weekend, Hubs and I had the opportunity to experience Mirazozo, a luminarium. 
Here is what it looks like from the outside.
Interesting, no?
Mirazozo is inspired by geometry and by Islamic architecture with the small domes reminiscent of the forms found in the Iranian bazaars.
Then you enter this amazing sculpture.
This color and light "show" is created by daylight shining through the colored plastic of this sculpture.

It looks like neon but is actually thin plastic created especially for Architects of Air, the designers of the luminaria.  All the individual pieces have been cut and glued by hand in their workshop in England.

Here I am standing next to the section named "Tree".
I wish we had thought to bring our big camera.  These photos were taken with Hubs phone.  
Check out the architects' website for better photos and more info.

There were lots of artists using many different media at Artsplosure.  We did not purchase anything but I collected cards of several silversmiths and jewelry makers so I can purchase from them online for Christmas.  One of my favorite vendors was photographer Lorri Honeycutt.  Her photos make me laugh.  Lorri gave me one of her 2010 calendars and I am definitely going to purchase next year's calendar for gifts.  See why I like her photos at her website.


Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Friday!

Family and friends frequently remind me that it should not matter what day of the week it is since I do not work.  It must be an ingrained feeling as I am always excited for the weekend.  Life is just different on the weekends, don't you think?

 It has been an active week here as we have a little visitor.

This little guy has gone from being a baby to being all two year old boy.  He keeps his Grandma Bea and PaPa on their toes.  His vocabulary is rapidly increasing.  At two years old, a child should be speaking two word sentences.  This week, we have frequently heard these things:  "I will do it."  "You just wait a minute."  "Don't say that."  I have had a little hand put over my mouth and been told to "Shush." He told me "abajo" (Spanish for down) when he did not like me carrying him away from the watering hose.  He knows that speaking Korean at our house will get him a blank stare.  And I am sure that when he says, "Goob dado do dic go", his own made up language, he is cursing at me.  But as the grandma, I get to turn my head and laugh at his cheekiness.

I have not been able to work in the studio while Boogie has been visiting.  This apron was a gift I made for Mother's Day.

We return our grandson home tomorrow.  While in the big city, we hope to attend Artsplosure in downtown.  Then we have tickets to Preakness Pints.

On Sunday, this grandma will probably spend the day in bed.  


Monday, May 10, 2010

Pay Day!

This is what I got last week for selling some of these...

There is great satisfaction in being paid for having fun.

Visit Helloowl to see why others are proud.


Friday, May 7, 2010

My Ta-Da List

There are still many things left on my Ta-Da list, but I put a good dent in it this week.

Some cute pajama pants made from a vintage bed sheet.

 A couple of bags.
Some pincushions to sell at the shop.

Please note that this is "Finished" for Friday.  All of these things had been started and I finally managed to get them completed.
Some of the above items were packed in these boxes and shipped to their new homes.

Then I decided to do a little something for myself.

AHHH!  Nothing like a pedicure...

"Finished for Friday" is hosted by Lit and Laundry.


Monday, May 3, 2010

My Studio

This week's theme at My Place & Yours is your favorite (Or "favourite" as the lovely hostess from Down Under, Danielle, spells it.) spot in the house.  

It is a big mess now as it is scattered with sewing projects, but it is MY room and MY mess.  MY favourite place in the house.