Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top Drawer

This week's theme for "My Place and Yours" is Top Drawer.  While I have not visited all the participants this week, those that I have visited have very organized top drawers.

A Yahoo search of top drawer produces entries for lingerie and furniture companies.  Makes sense.  I searched for the term "meaning of top drawer" and The Phrase Finder lists the meaning as "of the best quality; of the highest social standing."  Victorian gentry kept their most valuable items in the highest drawer of a bedroom chest of drawers.  The phrase was used to denote a person's social standing based on family background.  Your family was either 'top drawer' or not.  Sometimes Hubs will proclaim one of my meals top drawer.  I guess he is saying it was a really good meal, not that the vegetables or meat were high in social standing.

The top drawer I am sharing this week is not organized nor does it contain valuable items.  In every one of my homes, a top drawer in the kitchen has always been designated as The Junk Drawer.  It is the drawer that holds all the stuff that only belongs in a junk drawer. 

If you would like to see what some Top Drawer people keep in their Top Drawer, visit Danielle at Hello Owl.



Busy Bee Suz said...

I am ashamed that I have 2 junk drawers in my kitchen.
How funny though...we call it JUNK, but it contains some essential and important items.

farmlady said...

I guess I don't have a "top drawer". Mine are all below eye level and most are a mess.
I will consider a well placed top drawer somewhere in the house. I like the idea..., top drawer idea you have here.

Pam said...

Well look at that! Your scissors look exactly the same as the ones I have in my drawer for this meme!! lol.
Your drawer looks just as neat as mine does Bea. Can't be all bad!
Thanks so much for visiting my drawers and leaving a comment. Might see you next week! :)

collectingfeathers said...

Nah, definitly old and grey. You have to make concessions for the youngsters, they would get too confused if they knew the reality.
I looked in every one of my drawers with fresh eyes and every one was a junk drawer. Autumn clean time coming up.
I love your house. It looks just like the movies. xxNick

Jackie said...

That's a much tidier junk drawer than mine!!! It's another one of those drawers in my house that I have trouble shutting!