Thursday, June 17, 2010

Honey, I'm Home!

My trip back to Kansas was great.  It was so nice to see my mom, two daughters and my old friends.  After ten days, I was ready to sleep in my own bed in my own home.  I missed Hubs and he missed me. Little did I know he had been rather busy while I was off having fun.

When I left, my kitchen looked like this:

Notice the lovely plastic covering this wall?

My laundry space is in a corner of the kitchen under the blue, star filled ceiling with the lighting from a bare bulb.

More broken ceiling and bad lighting.

Hubs hired some child labor

and now my kitchen looks like this:

OMG!  I could not believe it!  
We have more work to do, so stay tuned.

PS - Is Hubs not the BEST?!



Busy Bee Suz said...

So nice to come home to your loved ones and home improvements!!!!

Mrs. Doug said...

Wow... fantastic job on that kitchen. It's great to have you posting again. I know the feeling... good to visit with family but great to be in your own bed again.

Glad to hear you had a good time.

Miri said...

Beautiful! This has to be the best kind of vacation...having fun and returning home-not to a house full of pizza boxes- but to a wonderful kitchen redo!

Becky said...