Friday, October 31, 2008


Hope you are having a great day! Love you!

Between the flu shot and all my errand running today, I'm tired and achy.

Errands included a stop at Sherwin Williams to have them mix up the paint for the hallways. Then a stop at Lowe's for two more heaters for the house. I bought one to use in the guest room. We will use it in the living room when we don't have guests. Also bought a heater for our bathroom. Now we won't have to break ice before we use the toilet. Then a stop at Wal-Mart for this and that. Back to Sherwin Williams to pick up the paint before heading back home.

We had lots of trick or treaters. So many that I had to turn off the light after an hour and a half. I didn't give out candy but instead gave out Halloween pencils, notepads, stampers, stickers and small packages of Goldfish.

Plans for the weekend obviously include painting the ceilings, walls, trim and wainscotting in the hallways upstairs and downstairs. Larry did most of the edging this evening. Rolling the ceiling and walls won't take long. It's painting all the woodwork that is going to be time consuming.

I'm hoping to get upstairs and work in my studio this weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm, so maybe some yard work in the afternoon.

Time to turn the clocks back this weekend. While the time change in the fall isn't as bad as the one in the spring, it still messes me up. I'll be dragging all next week.

What's Cookin'?
Nothing! Frozen pizza was dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is the start of November. Time to get serious about the Christmas shopping...