Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

It didn't seem like the campaigning would ever end but it is over. What will we do without all the political ads? I hope you took the opportunity to vote.

I've been thinking a lot about my dad's mom, Grandma Miller, the last few weeks. She was quite a character. Her vocabulary would make a sailor blush. She was a staunch Democrat, always voted a straight ticket. But she was also racist. I wonder how she would have voted this election?

It has rained here all day. Almost two inches of rain fell.

On Sunday, Larry and I painted the walls and ceilings of the upstairs and downstairs hallways. Both hallways measure twenty five feet long and ten feet wide with ten foot ceilings. That's a lot of painting. The walls are now a soft sage green and the ceilings are a shade lighter. We are so pleased with the change. The woodwork still needs painting, but that will happen over the next week or two. There is a lot of that with the crown molding, baseboards, eleven doors, one window and all the wainscotting in the downstairs.

The neighbor boy, Ta, asked me last week how much I would charge for a dozen oatmeal cookies and a dozen chocolate chip. I told him I would charge $2.50 a dozen. He said he wanted to buy a dozen of each. I told him I had the oatmeal cookie dough in the freezer and could bake them the next day but that I wouldn't get to the chocolate chip cookies until later this week. So he decided he would take two dozen oatmeal cookies for $5. Then he asked me how much it would be for the chocolate chip cookies when they were finished. Again, I told him it would be $2.50 a dozen. He told me he thought I should have a special - Buy one, get one free. He is quite the haggler.

What's Cookin'?
I made a big pot of chili yesterday. We had some for dinner last night with some Zucchini Cheddar Bread. There was enough chili for a large container to go into the freezer, another container for some lunches and I took some to the neighbors, Ann and George.

I put together a batch of Cheddar Pecan Wafers yesterday and baked them today. Yummy! There are still two logs of the dough that I will put in the freezer.

Larry asked me to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies as he wanted to give some to a coworker for all his help. No problem. I have never had chocolate chip cookies fail but these cookies were not my usual soft, chewy cookies. When the cookies baked, they spread too much and were crisp and crunchy. Adjusting cooking time did not help. So, I made another batch. They too failed. I wonder if the rainy weather had anything to do with it? Wonder if Ta would like ten dozen free cookies?


SandyB said...

I finally made it to the blog. The chicken and noodles made me hungy. All that cooking...I am jealous AND hungry.

The Leaf Suckers sounds like the next Stephen King title!