Friday, November 7, 2008

Eventful Week

It's been a beautiful fall week in North Carolina. Temperatures have been in the low 70's throughout the day. The fall foliage is just past peak, but the trees are still beautiful. I'm sure Larry comments about how beautiful the leaves are as he rakes and blows huge piles to the street.

Wednesday, Larry had a luncheon with IBM to celebrate the completion of a project. I traveled with him and stayed at Billy and Kathryn's to play with Boogie. We had a couple of stops to make in Raleigh so it was after 8:00 when we got home. After getting home we fed the dogs then took them for a walk around the house. That is when Larry noticed some of the balusters on the front porch missing. There is a total of fifteen balusters missing. Someone or several someones pulled them out between the rails. It had to take them a while to do. Then it took them some effort to get them off our property as each baluster is 3"x3" and 18" long. All of this without being seen by any of the neighbors.

On Tuesday evening/night, a break in occured at a house in the block behind us. The neighbors across the street told us that they had a window in the back of the house that looked like someone had tried to open it. Some other neighbors across the street found their outside basement door open. Then this evening another neighbor's house alarm went off while he was away. Someone had tried to enter his house through the front door. Now Larry and I are wondering if the plan was to break into our house until they meet the dogs. Rather than go away empty handed, they took the balusters. We may never know.

What's Cookin'?
I've been busy in other areas of the house this week, so not a lot of baking has been happening. We had Chicken and Dumplings for dinner Thursday night. Tonight we had homemade biscuits and sausage gravy. For dessert we are enjoying some warm apple crisp with Bird's custard, a British thing. Thank you, Phil!