Monday, November 10, 2008

Radio Station

Following our move from the midwest, we had to find new places to eat and shop. There was the search for a new mechanic, a primary care physician as well as all the specialists, a new dentist, and the list goes on... You anticipate the search for all of these services. But you don't think of having to find a new radio station.

Back in the midwest, our car radio was set to an oldies station, a couple of classic rock stations, and an easy listening station. After our move, doing a scan of the radio dial only yielded hip hop, country and pop stations. But way down on the lower end of the dial, I discovered a gem. WCPE, The Classical Station. They play a wonderful selection of modern classic and all the well known classical of composers like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart.

One of my favorite things about WCPE is that it is not a commercial radio station. It is funded buy its listeners. Most of the DJs are volunteers and are there for their love of classical music. They are well versed in the music and the composers and often share interesting stories about the composers.

I encourage you to give a listen to this wonderful radio station. Not in the Triangle area? No problem. Go to their website using the link to the right and listen to them online as I am doing as I type this. You can also click on the "Affliliates" link in the banner on their website as there may be a radio station in your area playing their music as they relay their programming to other stations across the US. One of those stations is KBTL at 88.1 in my hometown, but check the website for the hours because the station is ran by the college so they have funny hours.

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