Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh, the Things We Find

Larry took a look into the attic space in preparation for the installation of the HVAC unit in the upstairs. This is what was right above his head. They are no longer active and who knows how long they have been there.
Speaking of HVAC...We are finally getting it installed! It has been a long, cold winter and we have survived without too much whining. The company installing the system said it would take two to three weeks. Now this seemed like a long time to me. I was thinking a week, ten days tops.
The two man crew arrived last Tuesday at around 10 AM. After walking through the house for twenty to thirty minutes, they left to get some equipment. An hour and a half later, they returned. They cut the holes in the floors for the registers and called it a day at around 3:00. On Wednesday, they never showed. It was cold that day. Maybe too cold for them to work?
Thursday they got here around 10:00 again. They put in a good day's work, shoveling dirt out from the crawl space and getting the equipment put down in the basement. I began to think that we might be able to be warm by the first part of this week. But then they were no shows on Friday. I'm getting a little bit perturbed.
I knew when we decided to renovate this place I would have to put up with a lot of mess from time to time. Currently, there is a thick layer of dust and grit covering everything on the first floor. This is due to the digging done in the crawl space on Thursday and from the sanding Larry is doing on the woodwork in the front parlor. I was spending a lot of time in my studio upstairs because it was almost dust free. But that all ended Saturday when Larry broke through the plaster ceiling in preparation for the installation of the attic ladder.
I hate having all my stuff in disorder!