Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Place and Yours - Kitchen Love

Never in a bazillion years would I say "I love my kitchen!"  Some day it will be worthy of a spread in House Beautiful.  A kitchen with lots of fabulous wood cabinets, granite countertops, a farm sink, a butler's pantry, an island and all new Electrolux appliances.  It will also have light!  These pictures were taken mid afternoon with a flash.  Until then, I do what I can to make it a place in which I do not mind working. 

Don't you just love the "plastic" wall behind this counter top?  It also seems to be missing a refrigerator.  The refrigerator is stashed in the dining room.

I'm joining Vic and friends at Punky and Me.  Click here to see what others love about their kitchen.



Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh bea, I have a feeling you can still cook up a storm in your kitchen!!!
Thanks for sharing.

ps. If we were closer Coach and I would makeover your kitchen to your justification!!!!


Jackie said...

We lived in a house where the fridge lived in the laundry. I was constantly finding the fridge stuff left out cause they couldn't be bothered walking back to put it away.
I hope you get your drewam kitchen one day.

Becky said...

Ah Bea, the joys of living in a really, really old house. At least you have lots of space! When you can re-do taking it apart won't be too very hard either.

All we have is a galley kitchen. I'd love to have all your space!

Patty said...

I love what I can see of your kitchen. Some day, after I hit the lottery, I'll have my own kitchen and then I am totally stealing your ideas of hanging up aprons and tablecloth over the windows. I may also steal that tablecloth too.

(un)Deniably Domestic said...

Hang in there Bea. This is what we who love old houses but do not have a million dollars live with. My kitchen is tiny, but good and bright and workable. We have just put an offer in on a house that will celebrate its centennial in two years...the kitchen is okay, dark, and has a weird freestanding cabinet that has unfinished edges, but houses the oven. It will be a while I fear before I get what I want. But, that is okay, because the trade off is an attic sewing room. I still love your blog. ~Kelly

Ann's blog said...

Bea, my name is Ann and live in Australia, we built an "old" style Federation house and I think you are magnificent in taking on the wonderful journey of renovating your home. Your kitchen looks so cosy and comfortable where someone could drop by for coffee and cake. Looking forward to seeing how your plans develop. I LOVE your home!

P. said...

I love your window treatments, the aprons and vintage linens. So cute!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

I like how you've decorated to make it cozy! It looks very nice!