Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sometimes Things Go Awry

You know how it is.

Tonight I was making cinnamon rolls using this recipe.  If you scroll through the post at the link, you will see what Ree's cinnamon rolls looked like before she put them in the pans.  

Believe me when I tell you mine looked nothing like hers.  Mine looked more like a pale fat slug oozing...well, slug stuff.   I would have taken a picture but my hands were covered with slug roll goo.

 My counter top looked like this...covered with cinnamon, sugar and melted butter.

I was worried that my cinnamon rolls were not going to be any good, but I put them in the oven anyway.  They didn't look too bad.

But how would they taste?  Even though they had not been frosted, they were yummy!  Oozing cinnamon, butter and sugar...

The counter top cleaned up nicely and a glass and bottle of wine appeared...



Laura said...

Those look delicious! I love how the bottle of wine "appeared." That's the best kind of wine, the self appearing kind!

Busy Bee Suz said...

They looked really good to me. I can only imagine your house smelled SO sweet too.
**mmmmmm wine mmmm*