Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paige!

It is hard to believe our youngest daughter is twenty one today. Yes, the years have slipped by so quickly, but what surprises me most is that she and I are still here to tell about it.

Not that she was a difficult child, but the word that best describes Paige is determined. Once she sets her mind to something, she is not going to let it go until it happens.

At her six month well baby check, the pediatrician asked if Paige was sitting alone yet. "No, but she pulls herself up and walks around furniture." She didn't need to sit. At seven months, she only learned to crawl as a way to get up the stairs. By nine months, she was walking on her own and she has been moving full speed ahead since.

Birthdays of your children are a time to reflect on their lives. A time to look back at the growth they have made through the years. In my reflections on Paige's life, I've laughed, I've shaken my head and I've cried. Sometimes all at the same time. Paige is the reason I color my hair.

She has her own quirky sense of style that works for her.

Always has lots of friends around.

And more young men than I can remember.

Until she met Alex.

In November of 2006, her senior year of high school, Paige announced that she and Alex would be getting married before Alex deployed to Iraq in February. I asked that they wait until he got back, but she was determined. And she reminded me that she was 18 and she didn't need our permission. We gave them our blessing and they were married in a court house wedding in December, 2006.

The first eighteen months of their marriage, she continued to live at home, work and attend high school. Following her graduation from high school, she started attending the local community college. It amazes me how well she did through that year and a half. There were a few tears and some complaining but she soldiered through it just as Alex did in Iraq.

Since Alex has returned, they have moved twice without any help from us as we are now 1200 miles away. She is working two jobs, attending school to get her CNA so she can go on to get an LPN, and she is planning a renewal of their wedding vows and a reception for this spring.

She still has me shaking my head, but in amazement of what she is accomplishing. I just burst with pride.

As I look back, I realize her desire to walk so soon was just to get closer to that star for which she has been reaching. I have no doubt that she will grab it one day.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


Marilyn said... are a master of words! And you put tears in my eyes on that one! Happy Birthday to Paige! And...yes...we are all very proud and amazed by this gorgeous young lady! I know that she will always be on the go...and reaching for the star...or whatever she fancies! Happy Birthday Paige!!!

Anonymous said...

Bea - I just saw the birthday picture of "our girls". Kaydee is sitting to the left of Paige. Theymust have been in middle school then.
Brought a sweet tear to my eye as well.
Those were the GIRLS and those were the DAYS !!!!
They're all grown up now, but never far from our hearts!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember a few days when you were pulling your hair out. It's good you're just coloring it now :o) One thing is for sure - you raised her to be independent. That's a hard one to do in my books. P.S. I saw your mom yesterday at the El Dorado Clinic. She looks great. Hope things are going well for her. BTW, did you guys sell your house?

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Paige is a beautiful girl, I can see why you are so proud of her. Remember you had to raise her right for her to be as strong as she is. I can easily see why she didn't want to wait to get married. He is a very handsome young man. I didn't wait either, I was 17 and no one was talking me into waiting, I'm 65 now and still married to that same young man.
Hope she will have many more years of dreams coming true.