Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Same Blog, Different Look

Blog Designs by Susan
The approach of
spring has me in the mood to redecorate everything, including my blog. I rambled around the blogosphere and looked at other blogs. There are so many cool blogs out there. I was not only looking at things I liked and disliked about other blogs, but I was also looking at who designed them. One of the blogs I visited had Susan's button displayed, so I took a trip to her blog and looked at the many blogs she had designed. I really liked her work and she was reasonably priced.

I contacted Susan and she was able to start working on my blog within a couple of days. Since I had a specific theme in mind, Susan directed me to some graphic websites. I picked out some graphics I liked and Susan took it from there. Susan was so very patient with me as she put my design together.

Thank you, Susan, for a fabulous job!

What do you think of the new "me"?



Elizabeth said...

Susan did my blog, too. Isn't she great?! I love your's it is so original and perfect for you!