Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Moon TUSAL

Last year, I started collecting bits and pieces of thread and fabric to play along with Yoyo and friends at Dragon My Needle. While my cups (or jars) runnethed over with these bits, I didn't post pictures on the new moon as was requested. I am participating again this year and have resolved to post at least six months this year.

These jars were empty on January 1. The jar on the left is the one that sits by my recliner in the living room. It will hold orts from my embroidery and items I will be hand stitching. Right now it is filled with bits of thread from a quilt I started machine quilting. I was not happy with the results I was getting, so I am removing the stitching.

The large middle jar sits in my studio and is where I put tiny bits of fabric as I trim seams and corners or cut off selvages.

The jar on the right is the one that sits near my sewing machine. It gets all the thread from the beginning or end of seams. When I change my sewing machine needle, I drop it in this jar. Since I am not one to always pull out the pins before I sew over them, I place bent straight pins in there too. When I empty a spool of thread, it gets thrown in this jar. I love the clink it makes as it hits the side of the jar on its way to nestle in the bed of thread.

The next new moon is on Valentine's Day. Check back then to see the progress of my Totally Useless Stitch Along.



Patty said...

Love all your jars! I signed up for the TUSAL last year and only posted pictures three times so I hope to get at least four up this year. By the way, people are always making things from their selvages. Don't ask me for specifics but I know I've seen a few things while bloghopping.

Yoyo said...

Well, your starting off on a good note, I'll have to bring my wet noodle along next month, just in case (te he he he). I also enjoy hearing the clink of things as they hit the bottom of my jar...unless it's my thimble which I keep dropping in the wrong place.

Threeundertwo said...

I forgot to post my jar! I'm going to do it tomorrow. This is such a fun SAL. You have such pretty jars!

Becky said...

So this really is a totally useless project?! Do you "do" anything with the stuff you collect? I guess one could stuff a pillow eventually. But not with the stuff with pins in it!!!

This is just weird enough for me to try!