Thursday, October 14, 2010


There has been very little computer time for me the last couple of days.  My computer has been taken over by a three year old.

This little guy has not met a computer he can't use.  He uses terms like "download" and "reboot" like other three year old boys use "trucks" and "cars".  "" and "PBS. org" are other common terms heard from him.  

Password encryptions are just jigsaw puzzles.  If he watches you key in the password a couple of times, he can do it himself.  Today he is hacking grandma's computer.  In a few years he will be hacking into the CIA, Pentagon and IRS computers.

*I will probably be put on some government watch list since I used the terms:  hijacked, hack, Pentagon, IRS and CIA in one post.



Lisa said...

Now, he is CUTE!!!

If the government comes after you, you are welcome to hide out here. As long as you don't steal my fabric.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Cute and smart too! Wow, what a combination!

You joke about using those words - - - but I think Big Brother DOES do plenty of watching us - - - - it's nearly scary!

Busy Bee Suz said...

He is the cutest little member of the Geek Squad I have ever seen!!!

Becky said...

He IS adorable! No doubt the smarts are from your side of the family tree.

Don't worry about the Guv'ment Watch List cause you forgot to say "Jihad."