Saturday, October 9, 2010


Did you celebrate today? Celebrate what, you ask? Why, didn't you know October 9 is Moldy Cheese Day?

How would you celebrate such an event?  I celebrated by looking in my fridge to see if there was any moldy cheese residing there.  Nope.  None.  Only fresh and yummy cheese.  I sampled some colby jack just to make sure it wasn't moldy.  Couldn't tell with the first slice so I had to have another.  Nope, not moldy. 

This moldy cheese is my favorite cheese on a hamburger.  YUM!

What is your favorite cheese on a burger?



Lisa said...

Not moldy.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Is that blue cheese?
I love blue cheese on a burger. I also love Gorgonzola. And Goat cheese; Baaaaaaa.
are those moldy? maybe not. But I have not met a cheese I don't like.

Brenda said...

Can't hang with the moldies!
Cheddar is my favorite on burgers.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Somehow I TOTALLY spaced this moldy holiday!