Friday, April 24, 2009

Finished for Friday - Sewing Apron

Lit and Laundry

It's been a "slow" week around here due to a dreadful allergy attack but I'm better now. Well enough to chase around our 19 month old grandson for the weekend.

This week, I finished up the embroidery pieces for two more needle cases. Since the entire project is not complete, I'll wait until next week to share those. Pictures of the needle case I have finished can be seen here.

Youngest daughter and her husband's renewal of their wedding vows and reception is rapidly approaching. I got several things scratched off that list this week. Must finalize plans with the florist today.

When I'm sewing or working on a crafting project, there is nothing more frustrating than having to look around for the tools I need. Even though I gather all the things needed before hand, a lot of time is wasted looking under material or on the desk or on the ironing board or on the sewing table for the scissors or the rotary cutter, the seam gauge or the seam ripper. I started wearing a bib apron with a large pocket across the front so I could easily find these items when I needed them. I loved the pocket, but hated having the fabric of the apron hanging around my knees. Seeing one of our son in laws wearing his carpenter's tool belt while tearing down the front porch gave me an idea.

Here is the "prototype" of my sewing apron. I'm going to wear it for a while to see what I need to fine tune.
I can already tell I am going to have to do something to the widest pocket, the flowered one on this apron, to keep the scissors and rotary cutter from falling to the bottom of the apron. Maybe stitch a seam across the apron just above the narrow, bottom pocket?

I made a matching pin cushion with a velcro loop that can be attached to a side loop sewn into the apron. Since I am right handed, I might want it on the right side?

What have you accomplished this week? Share it with us at Lit and Laundry. Make sure to see what others have "Finished for Friday".



Threeundertwo said...

What a great idea! I seem to always need a pen and a pad to jot notes and I never have them nearby. It would be great to have an apron to keep assorted supplies in.

I think you need a pocket for chocolates. To keep your strength up. ;-)



Carrie said...

Very cute apron!

Yoyo said...

I have one of these for "projects with the grandchildren" day. I also made one for each of the grandchildren as they became old enough to actually participate in the projects. The kids are bib aprons but with the pockets incorporated, so they can paint or whatever and not get quite so messy while they are learning to keep their supplies nearby...also lessens the "he took my scissors" sessions.

I don't know about the rotary cutter but I put a loop on my apron (check that carpenter's apron again) for my scissors, left side for straight cut scissors and right side for pinking shears. That way the scissors don't fall to the bottom or gouge holes in your fabric.

Alisa said...

What a great idea! You are so talented.

CC said...

I love your's a great idea and now I have plans for one of my own. I also love your choice of fabric..the fabrics are just beautiful. Than you so much for the idea and the inspiration...