Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits - Bye Bye Birdie

Last week, I shared pictures of the Squatters, Winnie, Will and their babies, living in our back porch. It has been such a delight to watch these hard working parents take care of their young. Like all creatures, the time comes when they must make their own way in the world. For the Squatters, yesterday was that day.

Winnie and Will began pulling pieces out of their nest early in the morning. (NOTE TO HUMANS - Make the nest as uncomfortable as possible if you want your young adults to leave.)
Before long, the young were exploring just outside their nest.

Then they got a little braver and sat just outside the nest. Before long, we had babies all over our back porch testing their wings and exploring the big world.

All too soon, they found their way off the porch and into the cover of the azaleas and day lilies bordering the side of the house. From my kitchen window, I could see Will and Winnie flitting and fluttering over these shrubs keeping a close eye on the youngsters. I observed the young ones climb their way to the top of the azaleas, then shove off to give their wings a test. From the kitchen window, I saw one get great height and distance until, PLUNK! it flew into one of the pillars on our porch. I had to laugh.

Late in the afternoon, I saw Will back at the nest chattering up a storm. Then he moved to the back of one of the chairs on our porch and continued to chatter at the nest. Before long, I saw a little head pop over the side of the nest. With the encouragement of Will, the little one finally took the leap to the porch floor then followed Will into the bushes.

This morning, I sit on my back porch missing all the activity and noise from these tiny little creatures. I worry about the babies. Every now and then, I will hear a small chirp that sounds like one of the nestlings. Then I look to the nest and remember it is empty. Truly, the empty nest syndrome.


Several months ago, I was one of the lucky winners of the "Not a Contest" that EllynAnne of Apron Memories had. Due to some delivery problems, I finally got my prize package. Even though I knew what it would contain, it was such a delight to open the box and touch the wonderful items within.

There were all three of EllynAnne's books.

There was this cute pouch made from tea towels and embroidered with a vintage pattern from Aunt Martha's transfers.
A peek inside the pouch...

...that contained six tea towels...

...and all of these embroidery items.

Thank you to EllynAnne and Chris Price of Colonial Patterns for such a fabulous treat.

*NOTE - Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.



Becky said...

Your "Note to Humans" is priceless!!

So you are the one who stole my EllynAnne Geisel prize. ;)heehee

I got to actually meet her a few months ago whilst she was on her book tour. She's as sweet as you think she would be.

BellaDella said...

Oh, I just love the embroidery stuff. How fun is that?

Busy Bee Suz said...

So nice when you get a first hand look at the wonders of nature...even the mishaps. :)
Love your gifts. You will have so much fun with this!!!

Angela said...

I know it will be hard but if you don't want them to return, you need to get that boarded up soon!!! hehehe

God Bless!


Kelly said...

Did I mention I am jealous!!!! ~Kelly