Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday - Wall Art

It's Thursday and you know what that means. A showcase for things old, retro and vintage. Make sure you get over to Suzanne's to see all the wonderful things people are sharing this week.

Since I have lots of wall space to cover, I am always looking for things to hang on the walls. You know the feeling when you find something you know will be perfect in your home? That is the feeling when I saw this pair of pictures last week at an auction.
The frames were in bad shape; beat up brown wood. But a light sanding and some black spray paint fixed the problem. The black frames now make these pictures pop from the wall.

Below is a some chalkware I got at another auction. When I started bidding on this, Hubs looked at me and rolled his eyes. I told him, "You just wait. This will be perfect in the hallway by the front doors." He was still doubtful but he has learned to trust my instincts. I'm sure you all remember these pieces from the 60's.

Here it is after I have added some ivy. I may need to do a little tweaking with the arrangement.

Remember this sack cloth from last week?
I asked you to guess how much I paid for it. That question might have been a bit misleading. It cost me $0.00 - nada - nothing - zip. Handed to me on a silver platter. Well, actually a Wal-Mart bag, but to me it was a silver platter!

My dear neighbor and friend, Anne, is 86 years young. As with a lot of people her age, she hates to throw anything away. Her children have no interest in the antiques and vintage pieces she has "stashed" over the years. It seems like every time I go visit, I'm coming home with a sack of goodies. I think the some of pink and green is going to become an apron for her birthday.

The person guessing closest was Mannequin. She guessed that I paid fifty cents for all. I will be emailing her for her address so she can receive a small prize. Thanks to all who guessed.

Don't forget to visit our wonderful weekly host, Coloradolady, to see all the other vintage things being shared.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Bea.. What a very sweet neighbor you have and how sad that her family has no interest in the things she's treasured.
That's so nice of you to make her an apron. I'm sure it will mean more than anything anyone can buy her.
I'll email you shortly; thanks!

Coloradolady said...

I am stunned you got those fabrics for nothing! Oh, how special they must be from a special lady.

Your pictures look lovely, I do love the black frames. I have just purchased 3 small prints from Goodwill, and will be painting the frames black when I get a chance, they are not vintage, but still I love them.

Have a great VTT!! Be sure to show us the apron when you have it finished...after all, it will be made out of vintage fabrics!!

Postcardy said...

My problem is the opposite of yours. I have a lot of things I would like to hang, but not enough wall space.

Barb said...

Can't beat free\1
Ivy looks great.

barbara jean

~~Carol~~ said...

There's nothing like those old prints, and they look great in the black frames! I keep seeing sack cloth on other blogs, and I'm wondering when it's my turn to find some!!

ClassyChassy said...

The black frames DO make the picture 'pop'! Great post today!

msartist said...

There is always a good find. Sack Cloth / Fabric~ Your house is amazing~Theresa

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love your framed pictures, black always does the trip for making something 'pop!'
Love all your collectibles...especially the FREE ones.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I guessed wrong. Neat post today. Happy thrifty Thursday.

Anonymous said...

your pictures are lovely and as for the free fabric..what a GIFT :)

Susan said...

Bea, you lucky duck--what a good neighbor you must "be".

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Keep that neighbor for as long as possible, what a gift she gave!
You are the official lucky duck of the day!!
Lovely, lovely items.

Kellie said...

Best. Neighbor. Ever.

CC said...

What a sweet lady and such a lovely, lovely gift. I loved your other things..but vintage fabrics..well, you can never have enough. What a special apron that will be.

Miri said...

Sweet pictures and I love how the ivy looks! I'd never have thought of that!

Your neighbor sounds very nice and fortunate that she knows someone who does appreciate her vintage thingies! and lucky you! Great fabrics-an apron will be fantastic!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

you got really nice neighour.. and I can't wait to see what you gonna do with those fabrics.. I can imagine some fun & lovely projects coming up soon.. :-) happy VTT & have a great day

cammy said...

Such a sweet lady to give you such a lovely gift. Enjoy all of your goodies!

Carrie said...

The fabrics are a lovely gift. Hope you use some for something you can keep in her memory.

the wild raspberry said...

you lucky gal! what a nice thing to get...i am sure she is happy to share with someone who really appreciates it.
have a wonderful weekend

ps no one uses my front door either