Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finished for Friday - Domestic Goddess Stuff

Lit and Laundry
With the wedding reception preparations and the trip back to Kansas, the house cleaning took a back seat. This week I managed to get the house clean. I'm sure I swept and dusted up enough dog hair to make a complete dog.

There was a pile of linens that had accumulated from yard sales, auctions and flea markets. They all got a good soaking in Biz and OxyClean, then rinsed a thousand times, sun dried and then ironed.Since I had such pressing business, I thought I would iron some new fabric waiting to be put away.

I got Phase I of some Christmas presents finished. Since they are Christmas presents, I can only give you a little peek.

I hope I got enough rest this week as my weekend will be filled with this little firecracker.

Finished for Friday is hosted by Threeundertwo at Lit and Laundry. See what others have finished this week. Tell us what you have accomplished.

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend. Be safe!



Elizabeth said...

Um, are you stalking me around the memes of blog land? HAHA
I need to start thinking about Christmas presents also!

domesticish diva said...

Love the vintage linens!!! Enjoy your week!

Busy Bee Suz said...

All the work will be worth spending time with the little firecracker!!!

Threeundertwo said...

Great job with all the cleaning and the vintage linens are lovely! I know the feeling of cleaning up enough hair to make a small animal!

Thanks for joining in and have fun with the firecracker!

Karen said...

Hi Bea, just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting me. What a lovely home you have. Oh my, I'll bet cleaning can take days and days. Hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend. Happy Memorial Day!

belladella said...

Have a wonderful, fabulous, relaxing weekend!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Bea if I was close enough I would hug your neck, I recieved my little gift this morning and was blown away. Thank you so much. You acutally made me cry. You are so special.
Thanks Molly...
PS that little fire creacker looks like he's going to keep you hoping.

Patty said...

That was the look on the little firecracker's face when he saw all those beautiful linens, didn't he? Or was that just me? :)

Roslyn said...

Your little "firecracker" is adorable, looks really cheeky!