Friday, May 29, 2009

Finished For Friday - Or Not!

Lit and Laundry

I have been in such a funk this week. Not sure of the reason, but I have not wanted to do anything. I have an apron I am working on, but do not feel like sewing. There is a basket of embroidery sitting beside my chair but I would rather (?) watch reruns or read blogs. I need to get motivated.

This meme is about sharing what you have finished this week. It is hosted by threeundertwo at Lit and Laundry. You can click here to see what more motivated people have accomplished this week. As for me, I am going to take some *artistic liberty* here and share with you my goal for NEXT Friday.

The following pictures may be disturbing.
Viewer discretion is advised.

This is supposed to be our second guest room. Since we moved into this house almost two years ago, it has been the storage room. There are still boxes in here that need to be unpacked. My collection of vintage mirrors are stashed in one corner waiting to be hung in the now painted center hallway. There are odd pieces of furniture that have yet to find a place in our home. Who knows what else has been thrown in here.

Since my mom and her sister are planning a visit in August, I thought it would be nice for them if they each had their own room. But I have miles and miles to go before this room is ready for any one to inhabit.

By next Friday, I would like every thing out of this room except for the king size water bed frame and draws, a desk and an entertainment center. I know! You can't even see them for all the other *stuff*.

I have a long rope to tie around my waist so Hubs can find me in case I should get lost in this MASSIVE MESS. Wish me luck. I'm going in...

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BellaDella said...

Oh! I wish I could help. I love tackling a room like that. Seriously, it's totally relaxing and gratifying for me. I would have it ready for you by Monday if I started now ;)

Have fun in there. I'm jealous!

Patty said...

How funny -- like BellaDella, I would love to help you with that room! Good luck with it and I bet you will have it finished by next Friday -- since you've blogged about it, the pressure is on.

threeundertwo said...

Go Bea Go! We're cheering you on. I love seeing projects that have a huge before/after difference. I know you'll do a great job.

Roslyn said...

Oh you are too funny Bea, too bad I don't live near you I am really good at this sort of stuff.

Debbie Elting said...

Hello, I am new on your blog, since about 10 minutes ago, and I am so happy to see that I am not the only one with rooms like this...The rope-idea is a good one, i will do that too. I have two rooms like that...and still I am looking forward to clean them out. I love to think that is like a treasurehunt..... First I am going to read some more on your blog...
Have fun! Warm greetings,

Miri said...

Thanks for the chuckle...that is going to be such a great guest room! Don't forget to share any hidden treasures found!

Dana and Daisy said...

you may even find things in there you forgot you had! I have a room like that, i think we all do.

Kelly said...

Well Bea you did it! You posted pictures and now you are appropriately accountable and making me look like a slacker. I too was in a funk after we decided to clean up this week - I think it is easy to feel overwhelmed. I have managed to paint a bit more and hang a couple of curtain rods, read blogs and mope about having to get back to school on Monday - yes tomorrow summer school begins! Ugh. Okay, so I will post the Blue Plate Monday and then post about you and I cleaning up our act on Tuesday - my goal will be a week from Tuesday the day after I collect the first essays and I will need a clean office. I can't believe I am posting pictures of my mess! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

CC said...

Hmmmmm, wonder what treasures you have stored in that room. :). If I were closer, I would help..and then beg you to come help with my craft area.
p.s. I just love your blog..