Friday, May 15, 2009

Finished for Friday - Wedding Reception

Lit and Laundry
I debated about whether to post today because I really haven't finished anything this week. We arrived back home from Kansas late Monday night and since then, I've been playing catch up. All the laundry is FINISHED. Dirty clothes must multiply in suitcases.

The reason for our trip to Kansas was the wedding reception and renewal of vows for our youngest daughter, Paige and her husband, Alex. It seems like we have been planning this event forever. First it was to be in April, 2008 but was moved to May 9th, 2009. So I can say it is FINISHED!

The theme for the reception was "picnic". Nothing reminds me of a picnic more than red gingham. In my last Finished for Friday post, I mentioned having ten yards of gingham to cut and sew for table centerpieces. Thanks to the wonderful invention of the rotary cutter, that job went quickly. Here is a picture of the centerpieces.

Don't those ants just add the right touch? Paige and I were so excited to find those little baskets at Michael's for guest favors. I hot glued some red plaid ribbon around the top then we filled little bags with chocolate rocks. Fun!

Cupcakes were served after a buffet of sub sandwiches, cole slaw, potato salad and baked beans.

A picture of Paige and Alex.

Paige and her sister into the bubbly.

Hubs holding the bridal bouquet with daughter, Kathryn, the bride's attendant.

That's me holding on to a box of wine like a drowning man holds on to a life preserver. My mom interrupted me as I was getting ready to pour my first glass of wine.

This picture just says it all.

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Threeundertwo said...

You guys did a great job with the theme and the couple look so fabulous!

The rock wedding favors were a great idea.

Thanks for joining in! Have a great weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Such cute centerpieces, Bea! Why pour yourself a glass of wine? Just carry the box around!

CC said...

You did some lovely centerpieces..the couple looked beautiful..You deserved a glass of wine..