Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits - I Lied and Contest Entry

Is that a face only a grandmother could love? That is our cute grandson, Mr. Porter Pants.

I've been looking for one image to use for my Tuesday Tidbits. Last week I had the pineapples, which reminds me of tidbits...pineapple tidbits. This week I wanted to share this picture as it reminds me of tidbits...all over his face! Maybe I will just use different pictures each week...

I lied. My last post was that I was taking a blog vacation as I'm going back *home* for a week. But, I made the mistake of checking email and my blog roll and read about this giveaway. How could I not enter! Click on the Apronista button to see the giveaway.

The Apronista

Yesterday afternoon, I visited with my 86 year old neighbor, Anne. She never throws anything away. Really. She saves everything. When I left her house yesterday, I had four bags full of vintage goodies and a vintage toaster. I'll have to share those with all my Vintage Thursday pals once I return.

Now, I must TURN OFF my computer and get packing. Literally!

Now I'm taking a

See you next week!



Threeundertwo said...

Enjoy your blog vacation!

Elizabeth said...

Hope you have a great vacation! When you come back, stop by and see that I tagged you.